We welcome you to our property with your motorhome!


All the services of our bed and breakfast... without the cost of accommodation!


6 possible formulas and each one is valid for 24h:


1) Location only = 10€


2) Breakfast for 2 people + pitch = 20€


3) Table d'hôtes for 2 people (dish + dessert) + pitch = 40€


4) Table d'hôtes for 2 people + breakfast for 2 people + pitch = 57€


5) Aperitif board and bottle of local cider + table d'hôtes for 2 persons + breakfast for 2 persons + location = 69€.


6) 25€ purchase of local products (jam, honey, beer, liquor, juice, cider, etc.) = free pitch.


1) and 6) only week days.


3€ per 24h for electricity, water and access to the toilet.

Maximum one pitch 10€ only per stay.


Arrival - Departure: 1:00 p.m. but another relief car park is available to arrive earlier or leave later.


Meals are taken in the garden or in the form of a tray to be taken in your vehicle.

Table d'hôtes is served around 7:00 pm and breakfast from 8:30 am


Minimum reservation 24 hours in advance for the table d'hôtes (unique and entirely homemade menu)


Other services :


- Washing machine + dryer = 6€

- Emptying of gray water = free

- Selective sorting bins available

- No black water emptying


Dogs are allowed on a leash.


Maximum height 3.5m because you have to pass a porch to enter.


We welcome a maximum of 3 vehicles in order to guarantee your space and peace of mind.

Possibility of more if you are in a group.


3 possibilities for walks (6km, 10km and 14km) starting from the house.


Reservation by email.


Open 7 days a week.


We will be closed :

From 8 december to 11 december 2023

From 24 december to 28 december 2023